BOTM: 2013 February

Mark Trippiedi [GVSU]

Mark Trippiedi (GVSU #8-C) recently led his team to a record sixth Michigan Dodgeball Cup title (no other school has more than one championship!) with his power throw, catching, and leadership. His #4 GVSU Lakers currently have the second best win percentage in the NCDA, and are one of the title favorites for Nationals.

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2013 Michigan Dodgeball Cup Recap


The #4 GVSU Lakers won their record sixth Michigan Dodgeball Cup, going 3-0 on the day with wins over #6 SVSU (2-1 in OT), #10 CMU (4-0), and #3 MSU (3-2.) Grand Valley had a team effort, as their depth really showed in the tournament. There were multiple times that star players Mark Trippiedi (GVSU #8-C) and Dylan Fettig (GVSU #24-A) were on the bench, and the Lakers were able to hold off rallies and win points. All four teams had good showings though, with everyone having bright spots in their games.

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2013 MDC Results

EAST LANSING – IM WEST: GVSU goes 3-0, SVSU 2-1 MSU 1-2, CMU 0-3 in the 2013 Michigan Dodgeball Cup, the oldest collegiate dodgeball tournament.

The Cup has been consistently hosted by Michigan State Dodgeball since 2005, the 2013 MDC has been the 9th event of that name. Check out the final scores after the Jump.

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BEAST II Mega-Preview

379188_514241105265465_1811596984_nThe Big East Appalachian Super Tournament II, aka the BEAST II, is the biggest regular season tournament this season in terms of teams attending. In fact, it’s bigger than Nationals 2009 at Grand Valley! With 10 schools going, it will be a monumental task for any team to pull out the championship, as most teams will be playing five games. Hosted by James Madison University, it also includes Saginaw Valley, Central Michigan, Ohio State, Kent State, Towson, Virginia Commonwealth, Rochester Institute of Technology, Western Kentucky, and Miami.

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AJP Special: Alumni Podcast Jan 2013

It’s an Average Joes’ Special!

NCDA Alumni Edition:
We’ll just say this is part of Alumni Appreciation Month!

The Alumni talked about upping the roster size for Nationals, on the court etiquette, the All Star Game format, league retention, the future of the NCDA and took guesses at what DePaul’s haka what would be.  Continue reading “AJP Special: Alumni Podcast Jan 2013”


KY Kernel: UK dodgeball team hosting nationals

By William Wright in the Kentucky Kernel on February 6, 2013

UK will be hosting the 2013 National Collegiate Dodgeball Association Nationals tournament April 13.

UK dodgeball is ranked No. 1 in the nation [sic-at time of publishing, UK is 2nd], so morale for the tournament is high.  Continue reading “KY Kernel: UK dodgeball team hosting nationals”

2013 All-Star Game- The Brave Little Toasters vs The Monstars

The 2013 All-Star Game will be unique compared to the previous two All-Star Games. The first ASG (played at Nationals 2011) was Michigan vs The World, with Michigan picking up the win. The Michigan schools got on average six All-Stars, but the World schools only got two each. The game was one sided, with the Michigan schools dictating the game play and pace, and games were played during the second half. Still, it was a great first effort for an ASG, and it was enjoyable to play in and watch. The second All-Star game at Nationals 2012 gave teams All-Stars based on how successful they were during the regular season, and drew players out of a hat on which team they were on. While there was more parity in the game, it looked like the players weren’t as interested in the game. So Zac Brown (UK #13-C) has come up with an alternative for the next ASG.

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Michigan Dodgeball Cup Preview

The oldest tournament in the NCDA is also the best regular season tournament in the league, and the Michigan Dodgeball Cup will once again take place in East Lansing as the #4 Spartans host #5 GVSU, #6 SVSU, and #9 CMU in the toughest collegiate dodgeball tournament during the regular season.
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Alumni Appreciation Month: Recap

This past month has been a good one for this humble website. We’ve seen some great content from a number of different writers, all for the reason for celebrating past memories and highlighting the development of the League.

We’ve featured 8 teams, 14 articles, and even an alumni named Baller of the Month, the great Josh Raymer. And no, this entire month wasn’t a giant diabolical plan to give the Big Giant Head the award he created! Truly, everyone, thank you for time and support. Its been an awesome read. Check out the breakdown after the Jump.  Continue reading “Alumni Appreciation Month: Recap”

Alumni Appreciation: Chad Schlundt

Chad Schlundt - MAD-00-C
Chad Schlundt – MAD-00-C. Sans Neon.

One last article! This will concern a good friend of mine, Chad Schlundt, #00 and Captain of Moody Bible during 2011 and 2012 seasons.

Chad is the kind of guy that everyone says is a great guy, and for valid reasoning. When I first found out Chicago was gaining another dodgeball team, I was ecstatic.  Continue reading “Alumni Appreciation: Chad Schlundt”

NT Daily: Mean Green Dodgeball


From the North Texas Daily by Whitney Rogers – Contributing Writer

For the Mean Green Dodgeball Club, Friday nights consist of colorful rubber balls flying in all directions and hitting members square in the stomach while blasting themed music in the background.  Continue reading “NT Daily: Mean Green Dodgeball”

Alumni Appreciation: Jason Stein

Lindsay Maynard writes…

When reflecting on and appreciating the various esteemed alumni to have graced the court at Saginaw Valley, I did not necessarily save the best for last. We have had many great men on our team, too many for me to continue writing articles this month seeing as these articles tend to take precedence over schoolwork. I saved perhaps the most noted guy for last. Nay, the most passionate man. Cut the bull, we’re talking about Jason Stein, “The Most Hated Man in Dodgeball.”  Continue reading “Alumni Appreciation: Jason Stein”

Alumni Appreciation: L. Maynard on 3 SV Alumni

There are a number of other alum from Saginaw Valley that deserves recognition and appreciation. Below are three guys that I had the pleasure to play dodgeball with for a number of years with the club. On the court they are amazing athletes. Off the court, they are great guys that I’m lucky to call my friends. -Lindsay Maynard [SVSU] Continue reading “Alumni Appreciation: L. Maynard on 3 SV Alumni”